Ultrasonic Cavitation Processing Research Laboratory

Iakovos Tzanakis

Team Details

Personal Information

  • Name:
    Dr. Abhinav Priyadarshi
  • Role:
    Academic Research Officer


  • PhD:
    Oxford Brookes University
  • Masters:
    IIT Roorkee (India)
  • Bachelor:
    Kalinga institute of Industrial Technology (India)


Dr Abhinav Priyadarshi is an Academic Research Officer at the School of Engineering, Computing and Mathematics. Abhinav received his PhD on the ultrasonic cavitation processing of aluminium alloys from Oxford Brookes University. Abhinav has a background in Mechanical Engineering. He holds a 4-year B.Tech degree from Kalinga institute of Industrial Technology (India) and a 2-year M.Tech degree in Materials Engineering from IIT Roorkee (India). Abhinav’ research interests span across multidisciplinary areas of materials development and processing with focus on metallurgical testing, characterisation and failure analysis of micro and nano structural materials.

His current research focuses on understanding, developing proof-of-concepts and acoustic characterisation for industrial relevant phenomena of sono-fragmentation and ultrasonic-deagglomeration of solid phases encountered during ultrasonic melt processing of Al alloys.