Ultrasonic Cavitation Processing Research Laboratory

Iakovos Tzanakis

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Personal Information

  • Name:
  • Role:
    MSc Student


  • Masters:
    Oxford Brookes University, UK
  • Bachelor:
    Wroclaw University of Science and Technology, Poland


Wiktor has a background in Control Engineering and Robotics (Bachelor of Engineering) from Wroclaw University of Science and Technology and an MSc degree in Automotive Engineering with Electric Vehicles from Oxford Brookes University.

His thesis titled “Acoustic pressure and temperature effect on the erosion rate of aluminium alloys for marine propellers during ultrasonic cavitation” introduced him to the phenomenon of cavitation erosion led to his work on a journal paper covering the temperature and acoustic pressure effect on erosion rates. Wiktor is also working on the launch of a small hydrogen car with a Welsh company Riversimple.